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We Are Now Appreciated Worldwide - Ali Nuhu

By Al-Amin Ciroma

Published in LEADERSHIP, March 21, 2008

The Master Of The Game Speaks...
Kannywood has now become a force to reckon with on the international scene, with the screening of Sitanda, where the foremost star of the Hausa movie indsutry, Ali Nuhu, took a lead role. The film was officially selected and approved for screening at the main pool during the last North Korean film festival.
Immediately after he returned from the historic festival, Nuhu took out time to share with our correspondent his experience at the international event.
The father of two said, “The screening has shown the world that something good can come out of Kannywood, and we have bridged the gap between Nollywood and Kannywood with this screening and I intend to share the glory with my other colleagues at Kannywood.”
He further stated that his appearance in English movies has not affected his fans in the North. “I once went to a local village in Niger State, which has no electricity and I saw one room used as cinema hall, when I went in, they were watching one of my English movies. you could see that none of them understands English, yet because my picture is on the poster, they bought it. So I am happy to say that my romance with Nollywood has not affected my obligation to my northern fans. I still act in Hausa films, they made me what I am today, so I can never dump them for anything.”
Speaking on the film that fetched him international popularity, the actor said, “Sitanda was the movie that gave us that opportunity, aside this, my favourite movie in the English genre is yet to be released movie by 3SP International, called Hamza, the legend while Wasila, Sangaya and Dijangala are my favourites in the Hausa collections.”
On his most challenging movie so far, Ali Nuhu stated that the stunts he did and mountain climbing in Sitanda were quite challenging, while his role in Hamza and Sangaya were tasking as he was taught how to work, eat, laugh and dress like royalty, which changed his perception about royalty.
Debunking the rumours that he was a womaniser, the handsome actor stated that he is happily married to Maimuna, who had born for him two wonderful kids, Fatima and Ahmad. He further revealed that he had separates his professional life from his private life.
On his financial status, Ali said, “I am not yet rich, but I am comfortable. Acting has given me the privilege to acquire properties. I have houses, cars, shares and other things that make life comfortable and the glamour and fame has also opened new doors which also gives me an edge above others when I go to a place.”
Going down memory lane, the actor said he begged somebody to finance their first film. “It was until the movie came out and sold-out before the man paid me. After that, he sponsored the second one.”
On the number of films he has acted in, he said he has lost count, “But I think its more than 200 hundred, I lost count a long time ago. Sometimes, people have to remind me that I once featured in so so film. I have also sponsored some and producing others. You could say I have the natural talent to do anything concerning movies. Those that I have produce were hits and producers have now accepted the fact that, any movie I appear in sell like hot cake.
While thanking his fans all over the world who made it possible to reach the top, the actor charged his colleagues in Nollywood to break the barrier and include Kannywood in their movies so that the industry can grow.
He described films like Mohammed Dahiru’s Hamza, that featured Omotola Ekeinde and Olu Jacobs, as a pacesetter for the industry. Western fans will have no choice but to watch it, because of the presence of their favourite actors while the north too would not resist buying the film, insisting that Omotola and Jacobs enjoyed the opportunity of mingling with them.
In a related development, the Hausa movie world finally broke the Kano State monopoly, by branching into other states like Lagos, Kaduna, Abuja and Jos, after the state censors board formulated some draconian conditions guiding movie productions. The conditions include compulsory registration at Corpoate Affairs Commission (CAC) and a movie company must have a minimum of one million naira in it's account, while singing with ladies in film was also prohibited.
These and other problems prompted the move by key players like 3SP International, who released a hit buster, Hamza and had the preview in Abuja recently, other companies like 2 Effects Empire, Unic ventures, NH production have branched into other states, insisting that, a public hearing should have been set up to hear the public’s views on whether Maryam Hiyana's personal nude video, warranted the suspension and the new conditions issued out by the board.
It would be recalled that the whole of Kannywood was in an uproar the year before last due to a scandal that involved the popular actress Hiyana’s nude video clip. The video drew the ire of the state Hisbah and NBC’s resulted in the banning of the activities of the movie industry in the state and some stars. Though it has been resolved and the industry opened, key players have since refused to comply with the conditions set by the censorship board and Kannywood’s foundation is shaking.

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