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The Sky Is Not My Limit, It’s My Starting Point! —Abba El-Mustapha

By Al-Amin Ciroma

Published in LEADERSHIP, August 15, 2009

At the start of his career, Abba El-Mustapha was usually cast as a romantic hero. His first major hit film was Ruda from where he gained the household name, Ruda. When his movies became popular in the early days of his profession, El-Mustapha starred as lead actor in many such films. Abba’s most memorable role in movies was in the blockbuster, Jarumai where he was teamed with big shots in the Hausa film genre, Ali Nuhu, Sani Danja, Aminu Shariff (Momo) and Ibrahim Maishinku. Asides Ali Nuhu, (according to critics), no other film star can claim to be equally good in showcasing reality as Abba El-Mustapha. Recalling back his early days, the star said he developed interest in acting after the completion of his course at Kano State Polytechnic.
Born 31 years ago in Gwale local government area of Kano State, Abba Ruda made enquires into the happenings at Kannywood and as a result embarked on his quest to stardom. The adorable and most-charming actor was opportuned to nurse a prolific acting career for some years and has recorded tremendous success. In his early days, Abba Ruda has featured in about five blockbuster movies, which include; Ruda, Qamshi, Dausayi, Girma, Feshi and Jarumai and now, he has recroded more than 100 films to his credit. The multi-talented actor also happens to be a good director; this shows how versatile he is. Abba ‘Ruda’ has been able to distinguished himself as a professional actor and a gifted director; he has directed numerous hit movies among which are; Rataya, Auduga, Tufafi, Riba and Feshi, etc.
This ‘screen lord’ obtained a diploma in Crime Management, Prevention and Control in 2002 from the Bayero University Kano. The actor’s appetite for versatile knowledge helped him gain admission at Kano State Polytechnic where he studied Banking and Finance in a bid improve on his curriculum vitae.
Personal Life:
One striking feature that stands him out as a showbiz personality, is his great sense of glamour. His style he says is a reflection of his personality. The actor, who is said to be a very casual and down-to-earth person, has extreme fondness for his mother and siblings. Although known for making jest of his colleagues, the star actor’s brash confidence, charisma and impressive physical appearance make him one of the sought after faces in the Hausa Movie Industry. The actor is said to exhibit inexhaustible reasonability and directness, one of his strong assets in his interpersonal endeavour. Abba ‘Ruda’ as he is lovingly called by his colleagues and fans, is potentially one of the biggest film actors in the industry.
On how he copes with fans, Abba says; On sight, people might think an actor is pompous or snobbish, but this is usually not the case. Let me speak for myself. I am very delighted to tell my fans that Abba is a simple man, who embraces all his fans; I am as simple as cool drinking water. Without my admirers, I might not be a star. We are into the entertainment industry to act and showcase make-belief actions in order to enlighten and entertain. Therefore, I want to inform you that, I tend to gain more from my teeming fans. I love them today and always. Even though, some may take your simplicity for granted, I learn to cope with all siutations that come my way. I treat all of my fans alike (both male and female) and that is how I have been getting it going."
On the trend in the industry, Abba Ruda says, "With the inclinations in the motion picture industry, the sky is just a starting point for my acting career. I am always moved by the rapid development in the motion picture industry and in the near future, I hope to write my name in the world's most popular Hall of Fame."
The award winning Kannywood star believes in himself. Noting that as a versatile actor, he so much cherishes his acting abilities. "Sometimes, one has to blow his trumpet otherwise; nobody else will do it for you. Sometimes, I caution those who allow threats from different angles discourage them. I respect a lot of stars in this game, but I must admit, I believe in myself. I am a role model of my humble self."
Kannywood is also a venture of sorts where lots of things happen day by day. Asked about his most memorable and embarrassing moments, the film star said, "My most embarrassing moment was the Hiyana scandal. Although it brought a lot of reforms in the industry; for example, the poor girl might not have thought of marrying earlier than now but she is now in her husband's house. Secondly, the circumstance helped immensely in restructuring the industry. However, some 'stooges' used the avenue to satisfy their diverse opinions. But then, no one prays for its recurrence.
“On the memorable side, the words of my mum on my first day on set will never be forgotten. She said to me, ‘Abba, go ahead; you will make it. Just believe and the Almighty God will see you through."
Like any other actor, Abba Ruda's zeal in the showbiz arena has earned him some awards and nominations. He dedicates all his awards to his mum and teeming fans.

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