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The First Customised Cars And Biking Stunts In Abuja

It was the first of its kind, the event was held at the Eagle Square last Saturday. Al-Amin Ciroma and Nasir S. Gwangwazo were there and reports:

Stunt biking is a cross between sport motorcycling and a kind of rough-around-the-edges ballet. To do wheelies, tank tricks, and other popular stunt bike moves, a stunt biker will need a stunt bike. A stunt bike is a motorcycle or motorbike used to perform stunts or tricks. However, some people occasionally refer to a traditional, non-motorised bicycle used to perform tricks as a stunt bike.
Stunt bikes are basically modified sport bikes, adapted to make the bike tricks of stunt bikers easier and more flashy. Some stunt bikers go with the street fighter look — using a pared-down version of a sport bike, with no windscreen, and the traditional clip-ons replaced by dirt bike handlebars. Others opt for full faring — meaning that their bikes look a lot like regular sport bikes, and, include clip-on handlebars. There are also dirt stunt bikes and street stunt bikes; the name refers to the surface that the stunts are performed on.
While most stunt bikes are tricked out, or modified by their owners, there are a few basic elements that most bikers like on their stunt bikes. Some tricks require that the biker get up on the tank of the motorcycle and some bikers find that a smashed tank helps accomplish these stunts. To do this, they’ll flatten out the tank using a rubber mallet, while being careful to avoid puncturing the tank.
Since bikers don’t want to slide off in the middle of a wheelie — a trick where the biker rides the bike on one of the bikes two wheels — the bike’s seat will often include non-slip material such as skateboard grip tape.
Stunt bikes also have a handbrake. This is a hand-operated version of the rear brake. Attached to the left clip-on handlebar, it helps stunt riders when doing advanced circle wheelies, tank tricks, and other stunts.
A cage is often included on a stunt bike to protect the engine in case of falls or other mishaps. Stunt bikes are also typically altered on the front gears, allowing greater flexibility and maximum stunt potential.
The first customised show for cars and bikes held at Eagle Square, Abuja, on August 15, 2009. The weather at the Federal Capital was quite condusive for the show. The organisers, Bluefield Partners made it fantastic and tagged it ‘Abuja Custom Car and Bike Show 2009’, the event was interactive, participants asked questions on the operations and modifications of the customised cars and bikes, and how they could get their cars customised.
It was kick-started with a special sermon by a Road Safety official, who stood in for the the provost of the commission. She expressed the need for road users to adhere to the rules and regulations governing driving and riding. According to her, a qualified driver or biker is he who arrives his destination in peace.
The show raised awareness on the need to customising cars, stunts, candy carwash, and award ceremony came in at the end of the event.
There were also side-attractions, where notable artistes performed. Charlie Boy was also in attendance, where he did a little performance. Also present were Banky-W, Mode-9, Darey Art-Alade, El-de and Kal.
Stunt stages, according to expert bikers, who attended the show ranges from a pro-stunter right in the comfort of your own home. They opined riders of all levels of skill and experience will be trained to showcase their expertise.
Meanwhile, the event according to the organisers would be an annual event that would rotate amongst the major cities in the country.

At the end of the event, our correspondents cornered Yusuf Sani Doki, ‘Chairman,’ as he was fondly called by his colleagues. Doki won the award for the BEST STUNT 2009. He bares his mind on the know-how of biking, his achievements and how they come about forming their 09-Bikers, excerpts:
Briefly tell us about yourself.
My name is Yusuf Sani Doki, I am from Bungudu Local Government Area of Zamfara State. I read Mechanical Engineering from Birnin kebbi Polytechnic, after which I proceeded to Nigerian Police Academy in 1996.
From Mechnical Engineering to Police Academy and now biking, why these huddles?
Actually, I was motivated and moved by the outfit of the bikers, putting on their helmets, jackets and their accessories, these are some of the things that motivated me into the game. And from the on set, we used to browse and see for ourselves how the bikers around the world use to organise themselves.
Are you operating indivisually or in a group?
We have a club in Abuja called 09 Bikers and I am one of the prospective member of the association. We have our defined goals and objectives, we normally go out biking during weekends.
What does it take to be a biker?
To be a biker in Abuja, first and foremost, you should own a bike and a register with the club, which is a registered organisation with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). The club, like other organisations, has roles and regulations. Our training department in 09 Bikers is well equipped. We have trained officials who train our members to adher strictly to traffic regulations, biking rules and what have you.
How do you cope with the risk in the game?
There is no any extraordinary risk involved in biking, most especially when you are cautioned. For example, you can’t go biking without helmet, your gears (jacket-armour) and most importantly, one obeying traffic rules.
Wich model of bike qualifies one to be in your club?
We don’t authorise ordinary motorcylces because they can not withstand the huddles The minium capacity of the bike is from 400CC and above. Depending on the model you can handle. We have up to 1200CC and even higher.
Considering the high cost of purchasing these bikes, can an ordinary man be able to procure them?
It is just a hobby it also require interest. If you can save from your little income, one day, you will be there. Some of us are from poor backgrounds, but then, since the interest is there, they were able to get the bikes and join the club.There are different categories of people among us. We have police, doctors, military personnel, including road safety marshalls. So, you will agree with me that the game is for anybody who is willing to join. There is no disparity in it.
I could recall, before I own mine, I did some savings. So, it is a matter of interest.
Tell us about the just concluded custom car and bike show in Abuja.
We were invited to attend the show. It is a kind of jamboree of bikers around the country. We did not organise it. We went there and tremendousely made fantastic appearances, we did some stunts and what have you.
What success have you recorded in the show?
I was awarded the best stunt 2009 at the grand finale. The award goes to any biker that can make wonderful things with his bike, including twist and sommersaults. That is what we call the ‘willy’and the ‘stoppy’,’like moving with one tyre and so on.
What fun do you derive in biking?
My most memorable moment was when we were invited to attend a wedding ceremony of a friend at Gurara dam. The trip was memorable, because we went there and made some shows and came back tremendously. There was no casualties recorded.
What is your appeal to government?
Our appeal to government is to approve a piece of land for us so as to create a racing track for our trainings.
And to your fellow bikers?
My appeal to my fellow bikers as the provost of the club, is to always abide by the rules and regulations of the game. For example, no biker is allowed to ride on his bike without the primary accessories, e.g hand gloves, helmet with complete armour to avoide the risk involved. In Nigeria, when you are driving, you are driving for yourself as well as others. Therefore, my appeal to the fellow 09 Bikers is to adhere strictly to the rules of the game.


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