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Misbahu Ahmad/Kubra Dacko, Earning Their Stripes?

By Al-Amin Ciroma

Published in LEADERSHIP, March, 07, 2009

It has been barely two years after the Maryam Hiyana scandal, an outrage that I am pretty sure everyone heard about. The poor actress and her lover accidentally let a raunchy video clip leak to the public. The scandal nearly made the film business in the northern part of the country, history. Immediately after the saga, a lot of the practitioners and stakeholders in the game either fled Kano or went underground. Having shared opinions on the matter, a lot were of the view that the shameful scandal came at the right time, believing that the players will come to their senses and conform to the yearnings of the society. While others saw it as blackmail, they assert that the actress apparently did not give her consent for the “show.” She told her 'lover' not to video it but the mean man went ahead probably to feed his ego. One of the people who shared this view said: "I can't count the number of times I have had to support them, verbally. People think they spread immorality. I always tell people not to blame the actors but rather the changing society for all the nonsense you read in papers. I'm running out of ways to support them now, since another actress has been caught doing one of the acts they have been stereotyped with. I'm afraid saying many positive things may be blindly running away from the bitter truth..."
Another said, "I am actually glad that it happened, because now the Hausa film industry can undergo a much needed reform. And when everything is cleared, I promise to still remain a loyal fan! So far (or a far as I have read) no charges have been laid against Maryam Hiyana and Usman Bobo and I doubt if any would be laid in the future.
I think the public’s reactions is way too harsh, as Maryam has been banned from acting, I doubt if she'd ever return to acting regardless." Fortunately for Maryam Hiyana, she is now in her husband's house with a bouncing baby boy, Usman Jr. However, our piece this week centres on some successful stars in Kannywood, whom as a result of the scandal, went ahead to explore greener pastures in other parts of the world. Some, according to our findings, fled Kano for neighbouring states to settle down with their families, while others went back to school to acquire further knowledge. For Mishabu M. Ahmad and Kubra Dacko, Malaysia was their target. They gained admission into the Malay universities to pursue their academic dreams.Who Is Misbahu M. Ahmad?Ahmad, a top playback singer, producer and actor, is one of the most successful actors in the Hausa film genre. Born 14th day of November, 1974, Misbahu had both, his primary and secondary education in Gwammaja, Kano State before enrolling in an Arabic and Qur'anic recitation school for Islamic studies.Musbahu Ahmad developed interest in acting as a child and has been a very good song writer since his early teens. His dreams of becoming a modern playback singer was made true by Aminu Mohammad Sabo, director/CEO, Sarauniya Films, Kano, who invited him to write a song for their hit movie, Allura da Zare, titled Gamu cikin Harka, which the actor did excellently. After the success of Allura da Zare, Sarauniya Films gave him yet another contract to produce the theme lyric for their blockbuster, Sangaya.His captivating performance alongside the industry's superstar, Ali Nuhu, drew so much attention afterwards.
Musbahu's musical talent was again displayed in Hayaki, in which he wrote and did playback for all the songs in the film. He reminiscing experience was a gain felt in another film; Samodara, a film he acted alongside Fati Muhammad, another superstar. Having been blessed with opportunities to work with some of the best actors and actresses in the industry, the actor's acting passion was seen in the hit movie Dawayya, a film. he acted alongside Rukayya Umar Santa, who debuted in the film. Dawayya gave. him the name 'Musbahu Dawayya' and his professional performance in the film is memorable. As an actor, Musbahu has the tremendous confidence to wear different costumes in almost all his films, with success, his trademark, Musbahu acted, did playback and produced his first film, Amalala through his film production company Usmaniyya Nigeria Limited. To prove his versatility, the star actor also produced and directed another hit film Lalajo.
Musbahu is one actor with great potential and is responsible for producing some hit movies in the Hausa movie industry; Amalala, Kansakali, Lalajo, Basaja and Kakaki to mention a few. The star actor also did some jingles for some giant companies and agencies around the nation; Kabo Air, IRS, Dangote, Chanchangi, Rambo Mosquito Coil, and Triumph are just a few of his numerous patrons. The star actor has acted in while over hundred (100) films; Sangaya, Basaja, Lalajo, Dawayya, Samodara, Kakaki, Laila, Kansakali, Jini daya, Amalala, Alkawari, Adali and Taurari to mention a few. The actor is yet to be nominated for any award but there are speculations he is about to grab the showbiz honour very soon. It s said that age is not important unless you are or an actor, it is the excellence of an actor and his fans which keep him going. An actor par excellence, the actor is presently at the pinnacle of his career, as today, he is governing his own giant production company all. Though not an outstanding formal student, he has sufficient knowledge and Islamic values. Musbahu has managed to traverse the road to success to acquire gradual fame.Being one of the few well read, singers, his priorities are to produce and act the best possible films. 'I am not interested in any kind of competition,” he said adding 'I don't want to surpass anyone, I have always tried to produce a product with a hundred percent attention to make it the best', he concluded. An acclaimed entertainer, he aspires to prove his mettle in film production as well as give something outstanding and different to the viewers.

…And Kubra Dacko?
The screen queen, Kubra Dacko is a Nigerlite. Born 8th June 1984 in Mina, Niger State capital, to the family of late Alhaji Abdullahi Dacko, she did her primary and secondary education in her home state and she later gained admission in Bayero University, Kano to study sociology.
Before debuting into acting, Dacko, in a personal capacity, had deep passion for the entertainment industry. She stepped into the Hausa film industry when she met late Ahmed S. Nuhu, who paved her way in. She was introduced into the industry by the latter, who featured her in his successful 'Gata', a movie that brought Kubra into limelight. After which she followed with a lot of super hit movies.
These are the two Kannywood stars who enrolled themselves into Malaysian universities. A lot of their fans are now asking, why Malaysia, when a lot of Nigerian universities stands among the best in the world today? Others who see these actors nowadays in the streets of Abuja and Kaduna have some unanswered questions. Are they on vacation or have they successfully completed their course of study? Before hearing from the horses' mouth, we wish them success in their academic pursuits.

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