Thursday, August 6, 2009

LIFF Sets Out For The Best, Launches Lagos Content Market

By Al-Amin Ciroma
Published in LEADERSHIP, July 18, 2009)
The Lagos Film Festival (LIFF), one of the biggest and most prestigious film shows in the country, has successfully launched its maiden Lagos Content Market (LCM), which is scheduled to take place from August 11 to 16 in Lagos, Nigeria.
According to a statement signed by the project consultant of LIFF, the system recognises the challenges of distribution within the sub-region and beyond, and seeks to address this problem by creating the market as a solution to the problem of distribution.
He said: "We shall replicate global best practices for film markets…speed dating buyers and sellers of content. Whereas, Nollywood is reputed to be the second largest film industry, distribution system remains largely unstructured. LCM will restructure the distribution system in Nollywood and in fact the sub-region."
LIFF started in 1996 as the National Conference on Entertainment. In 2005, it metarmorphised into African Video Expo. In line with global best practice, the event was in 2006 re-branded as the Lagos International Film Festival. The event, which takes place every December 4-7, aims at creating a convergence between related sectors of the Nigerian film industry by initiating platforms for manpower and intellectual property rights development in areas such as movie business, film production and distribution, which brings together financiers, relevant regulatory agencies, actors and industry guilds for a few days of discussion in the business capital of Nigeria.
The event is targeted to become a major fixture on the African cultural calendar, which includes, creating international exposure for film makers, establishing an annual platform to monitor and analyse trends in African cinema, providing an exciting new movie- going experience for Lagos cinephiles and creating distribution opportunities for audio visual products.
LIFF has over the years enjoyed high profile visitors, including, Dr Goodluck Jonathan, the vice president, Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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