Thursday, August 6, 2009

Behold, Kannywood’s Hottest Chics

What Do They Share In Common?

By Al-Amin Ciroma (Published in LEADERSHIP Newspapers July 18, 2009)

When you see them at a gathering or on location, you may wonder if they are artistes or executive producers or project managers.
These ladies are outstanding, bold and beautiful. Call them pop idols, you will be right; refer them as icons, you will still be in order. Behold, call them Kannywood’s big chimmies.
They are famous; this is their roll call: Rahama Hassan, Rukayya Umar Santa (Dawayya) and Rashida Adam. The trio are indeed splendid.
What do they share in common? First of all, they all drive in good cars of the moment. Hassan and Adam drive in the latest RAV Jeeps, while Dawayya cruises in golden colour, Honda, End-of-Discusssion, 2005M.
There is a particular venture that signifies these screen goddesses and make them register their names in the industry’s hall of fame. They are fully established business tycoons. Though there are many like them, but it qualifies one to have aside another endevour that will complement his or her daily bread. Dawayya and Rashida are international business tycoons, operating along the shores of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Rahama Hassan has an up-to- date boutique and salon in Abuja.
One may probably ask what is so special in being a business man. After all, it’s no big deal being a business man, there are many like them. However, it has not stopped them from just being in the entertainment industry.

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