Saturday, October 3, 2009

My Secret Affair With Timaya – Zee-Zee

(Published in my INSIDE KANNYWOOD column in LEADERSHIP today)

Ummi Ibrahim Usman, a.k.a Zee-Zee, has been enmeshed in much controversy recently. As much as she had tried to exonerate herself of blame in her previous relationship, she is still receiving knocks for quickly getting involved in another with star artiste Timaya. In this interview, she lay bare her mind on the scandal that led her to police detention, among other issues.

For a while now, you have been silent on issues, why?
The reason I decided to back out from issues of discourse is due to the unfortunate incident that came upon Maryam Hiyana. When the sex video clip was exposed, I vowed not to feature in any movie again.

But some music video posters of you and Timaya showed that you are working on your new album. How about that?
The reason I opted for musicals was because I stopped featuring in Hausa films; that is why I decided to work on my musical album, but not the Adamu Nagudus contemporaries. I am doing English musicals alongside stars like Timaya, Jonah the Monarch, Duncan Mighty, among others.

Why this sudden migration?
I have told you, I am no more interested in any Hausa movie or show again. The Hiyana scandal really put me off. It was a bad experience.

Most of these artistes you mentioned are more ‘expensive’ then those of Hausa extraction, how did you manage your budget?
(Laughter) The issue of budget is secondary because they are my business associates. We are into the same business, so we know our ways.

Could you tell us how you met Timaya?
(Laughter) The point is that we are destined to be. We are in the same profession. One thing led to another and that's how it all started.

Is it true that one of your boyfriends introduced you to Timaya?
I don't understand. You mean my boyfriend introduced me to him?

Yes, that your boyfriend hooked you up with him?
How could my boyfriend have introduced me to another man? It’s not true.

But is it true that Timaya is also your boyfriend?
Yes, Timaya is my boyfriend. In fact, I am also going out with two other artistes in the music industry– Jonah The Monarch and Duncan Mighty– but I am more recognised with Timaya.

How are you able to do this?
I want you to understand that I am single and searching. I can date 100 men, but Islam allows me to marry only one. Therefore, I am taking my time to search for Mr. Right.

You just mentioned Islam, how is it going to be?
Whoever wants to seek my hand should convert to Islam.
Do you think your boyfriends might convert to your faith in order to win your heart?
Of course! They could.

Has Timaya come to terms with your faith?
Yes! Not just him, all of them are ready to become Muslims.
Among the artistes you mentioned, who is going to be the hero - the one expected to become a Muslim and marry Zee-Zee.

Out of the three? (long silence)
I am not sure yet, but whoever is destined to be my husband will surely become a Muslim.

There are allegations that you were recently apprehended by the police. What really happened?
I have a boyfriend in Jos, Abdullahi Adamu Usman, who proposed to me, but unfortunately, my parents felt he was not the right man for me. You know the religion permits one to know the background of whoever comes to seek your daughter's hand in marriage. If he is good, then so be it. But for Usman, my dad said no. But I dated him for about a year, or there about. I used to visit him in Jos.

But is it true that you betrayed him? After buying you expensive cars, you jilted him for your new found love?
You mean people think I am a dupe, isn't it? The allegations are false. Abdullahi could be the one who is insinuating these against me. The guy is frustrated and is going about telling people that he gave me money, cars, etc. Since the day he felt that my dad wouldn’t bless our relationship, he started talking, even to the police. First, he said we were business partners and that I betrayed him of his 20 houses and 20 cars, as well as some undisclosed amount of money. He even said, I was planning to flee from the country.

The truth is, we are not partners in business, but the poor guy became furious when he realised that my father refused him; that is why he took that step. He would have asked that I redeem what he offered me in the cause of our relationship, and I would have paid him whatever I knew was between us, rather than tarnish my image. And don't forget, he offered me some gifts unconditionally because of our love, but all of a sudden, they turned the table against me.

But to some extent, what he did is wrong. He labelled criminal charges against me, which he knows I am innocent of. As a public figure, he succeeded in tarnishing my image. He ordered that my passport be confiscated. He said I was a '419er'. What I could recall is that he gave me five cars and I bought another five from him. I have 10 cars. That is the transaction that transpired between us. How could I have duped him? If not for anything, I am a Muslim, I can’t do that, but I leave everything in God's hands.

Did he retrieve the cars he gave to you?
My cars have special plate numbers like 'Zee-Zee 1,' 'Zee-Zee 2,' 'Zee-Zee 3,' 'Zee-Zee 4' and 'Zee-Zee 5'. I bought them with my money. What he should understand is that even before I met him, I have been riding in flashy and expensive cars, courtesy of my parents. Though he came back begging me for forgiveness, he equally brought back the cars to me.

How about the case at the police station?
Since he wants reconciliation, he, send his people from Jos to come and withdraw the case.

Is it true that you were detained for two days?
I was detained for three days.

Since he withdrew the case, are you still going to press charges for character assassination and libel?
The guy did some damages to my person but as I said, I leave everything in God's hands. I won't go to court. Let Allah be the judge.

Even if he returns the five cars?
Even if he buys me a private jet, he has already destroyed my hard-earned reputation. Before I met him, I was lavishing in expensive cars, but then he succeeded in tarnishing my image in the eyes of my fans, friends and well-wishers.
At the police station, some people said Timaya gave you money to buy cars?
Yes, Timaya gives me money because he is my boyfriend, and I don't think it is wrong to give money to your woman.

Could you now say quitting the Kannywood industry has brought more blessings to you
I am a product of the Hausa film industry. The industry took me to where I am today. They are two different things. For the fact I denounced featuring in the movies does not mean I look down on Hausa films, but my business matters more to me now. There is more money in the music industry than in the movies. That's all I said.
People are yet to see your album.

When are you launching it?
My songs are being aired on most satellite channels like MTV, Channel O, etc. But very soon, they will storm the market.

But don't you think you are the architect of all that is happening to you?
I don't understand.

The way you cruise around in those expensive cars and do odd things...
It's about policy. That is how I want to live my life. You also have your policy and ideology in life. These cars are not that expensive, with little savings you could also buy one or two, or even 20. I don't think there is any cause for alarm. Allah is the provider, once you can pray, He can grant your wishes (laughter).

All your men are rich. Is it that Zee-Zee doesn't mingle with the lower class?
(Laughter) It is in my blood, everything I touch turns gold... (laughter again). It’s nature's gift to me. Everything I touch turns to gold. If an ordinary man on the street approaches me today, you will be surprised at what he would become tomorrow. All I can say is that money is not love, but love is divine. If you are with me, you will surely be among. (Laughter).


aminu said...

Salam, Zee Zee. I am Abdul anyway. I was among the one that care so much about you despite you don't know me. But zee zee all what I need from you is always fear Allah SWT. remember the last day. I hope you will change your attitude and this your nasty life style.

hauwa said...

until now,you are my best actress since the time you featured in your first film anyway what I have to say is that from your attitude you are nothing but a cheap girl without class dating the likes of timaya and proud of it. They have no regard for anything except what is in this phony and temporary world kai Allah ya wadan naka ya lalace where did you get the money to buy all those cars let me ask you a question hussaini koki has been acting for more than a decade now but i doubt he has 2 cars or even one just fear Allah in whatever you do remember you will leave everything in this world and you will account for each and every deed on how you acquire all this wealth and your reckless life. musician indeed! just go marry and repent to Allah he is all forgiving a word is enough for the wise.

Mukhtar said...

Hi,zee am among of ur fans.But ultimately u are wrong in any point of my experience.Wallahi ki koma ga Allah.In order to stay away from fushin Allah.Is not gud for sum1 ayi ta magananshi a duniya.It was terrible zee people are saying u are among of dis group.Seek 4 forgvness.Pls .@hauwa take it easy.08035862816

Mujtaba sallau said...

Those guys that you have been froud of being with are smatter than u they will just use you to achieve their goal. It suprises me you mentioned islam, you don't represent islam in any way of your life rather you bring disgrace to the entire Hausa fulani muslim.

fatee said...

you are a bad example to the northern nigerial and a disgrace to islam,Allahu gafurrurahim hope you realise before its too late.Remember this world is just like a blink of an eye before you know it is over.

Unknown said...

God! Desist from frivolous attitude and give your life back to Allah. Your behaviour is unbecoming of a girl that hails from the north with an Islamic orientation and pillar. U are treading on the wrong footing and I assure u that nothing good will come out of your relationship with Timaya. It will be regrets! regrets and more regrets for you. Mark my words. Guyz like Timaya, Duncan etc are only after the physical and nothing more. Pls, for re-trace ur footstep before it is late. Abubakar

brotherdeen said...

I really can't believe what I have read from you, ZEE ZEE. Wallahi, if it hadn't been that I already know you (though I am a Ghanaian Muslim), I would have thought that YOU are a WHORE (a BITCH)! I now have a strong reason to believe that the Kano Board of Censure-ship is really on the right course. May Allah (swt) save Muslim youth from the reckless sisters like you, because you are a big ignorant and fool. You are just a DISGRACE! Do you, ZEEZEE in your right mind think that Timaya's family would allow him to marry you if they read this interview? You sound like ASHAWO! You live with no ethics, just for pleasure. To be frank, a good Christian sister is far better to Timaya than you. I hope and pray that Timaya would see your true colours.... May Allah have Mercy on you. Anyway, we really thank Allah for the wake up call we had from the case of Hiyana.

T iliyasu abubakar said...

zee-zeei was cullturally shocked with your relationship with those basterds playboys, you are fully xynocentrist,because inferiorized your culture to them which clearly potrays your ignorancy,unsocialised,eccentrism, and immorality.
You better back to school to acquire knowladge than acting in musical enterprise singing and dancing, inpite of the fact that knowladge is a tool(weapon) that can only turn your abnomalism to normalism.(08033989363)

Anonymous said...

Zee Zee you are a d best to give bad example to the northern nigerial and a disgrace to islam,am advising u to change Ur attitude.

Anonymous said...

is it the zeezee that featured in JINSI, or it is another one? have you lost your senses or you`ve just change? whatever the case may be fear ALLAH and know that this world is just a temporary phase and not a permanent abode.

Maitama said...

"I have a boyfriend in Jos, Abdullahi Adamu Usman, who proposed to me, but unfortunately, my parents felt he was not the right man for me. You know the religion permits one to know the background of whoever comes to seek your daughter's hand in marriage. If he is good, then so be it. But for Usman, my dad said no". I dont blame you this is to show the type of family you from. Your father rejected your marriage with Usman but he is at home with the likes of Timaya? Abi duniya a sannu yarinya.

Unknown said...

zee zee u r a big lie.ur dad refuse Abdullahi bt hw coms he acpt him 2 ur sister HASEENA dat evin gv birth 2 a bby boy or u 4get da sheme u couse 2 ur father?Abi duniya a hankali.

Unknown said...

Salam Alaikum Zee Zee,I strongly believe that you will not end up like this.After reading comments upon comments,i realized that things are bound to happen in someone's life either good or bad.To those who are pasting bad words on this page,remember the books told us how to attend to issues.You dont know everything happening at your end so dont conderm what is published by whoever.(08034420212)

fatee82 said...

have a rethink,today is sweet but remember life is full of joy and have no single could you claim hiyana scandal as an excuse, and if it was, you should have married and live happily.but instead your so called father pretend to have know the right man for you.what a shame to your personality.lastly i hate Timaya,Jonah, and Duncan mithy because they will used and dump you like a wake up before is TOO LATE.

Perfectdude said...

Hmmmm! Alwayz a head of em,i like ur swagga. U knw we're gonna dwell on dis earth. Young forever.

Jamila said...

You are a disgrace to northerners and a disgrace tp Muslims Allah ya shirya ki ya shirya musulmai baki daya

fasmad said...

Allahu Gaffuru Rahim. The earlier you repent the better cos it isn't good 4 every1 to comment badly on your attitude no matter wot there would be an atom of truth in wot people are saying about you and it is a very bad sign on u. Don't allow shaitan use u. May Allah forgive us all but u must repent first b4 Allah forgives and never return to do dem again.

Dr musa said...

Life is nice enjoy it and learn it lesson

Anonymous said...

You the critics, what can you say if the newspaper just decided to blackmail her? Did you try to hear direct from her? To you zee zee no matter what the situation may be slow down and think.

Eron man 2 said...

2013 new comment to u zee zee.all what u have done ican said u destroy ur self,timaya and ur relatives with other boyfriend are nothing so that take care,and also u know the almighty God forgive any error except shirk,even now u have the chance,jiki magayi

Mujtaban Nakowa said...
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