Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Zee-Zee Vs Timaya: Matters Arising

•How Timaya Dumped Me For Njamah, After Giving Him A Honda Jeep Worth N4m

(Published in LEADERSHIP - October 11, 2009)

“So when you feel like hope is gone, look inside you and be strong. And you'll finally see the truth – that a hero lies in you...” (Mariah Carey - Hero)

Can anyone tell Ummi Zee-zee that she may attain whatever position she may aspire to be in as much as she believes in herself and what she positively does?” This is just one of the numerous responses I received last week about the Ummi Ibrahim (Zee-Zee) article published in this column.
The 'Jinsee' star actress, exposure of her love life with Bayelsa State- born militant singer, Inetimi Odon, popularly known as Timaya, did not go down well with her teeming readers and fans. Although the beautiful and gorgeously looking former Kannywood actress boasted that she has won the heart of the contemporary artiste of the moment, I am pretty sure that by the time my readers get to know that the Kannywood star who fled the industry has been jilted again by her lovebird, Timaya, they may conclude that they are probably watching a TV-Soap love series. However, the issue of the moment is that the slim, pretty, tall star could not hide her dismay over how she allegedly allowed a man who would have been her husband to slip away from her warm arms into that of another woman.
Sources available to Inside Kannywood reveals that the relationship, according to her, suddenly broke up when Timaya decided to go back to the popular Nollywood star, Empress Njamah. How did it happen? First, Zee-Zee alleged that she bought her Bayelsa State-born star a customised Honda Pilot Jeep worth N4 million as a love gift.
"I bought him Honda Jeep Pilot for N4 million, but he dumped me for Empress Njamah. I asked him to return the car, but he has been running away from me," said Zee-Zee.
She is said to have opened a fresh love chapter with Jonah D’Monarch, whom she described as her new love bird.
Scandals in the entertainment industry is not a new thing – ranging from boyfriend-girlfriend saga to matrimonial infidelity, to the illicit pornographic video racks and so on. As for Timaya, whenever one asks him about his life and the scandals, he simply smiles and says, "I think I am paramount; that is why they talk about me. I never actually wanted it this way, but then, I never liked a situation where people just kept saying good things about me, it makes me scared. So, writing or saying wrong things about me once in a while is in order."
A public commentator, who spoke on anonymity on this matter said, “How could Ummi Zee-Zee be blinded by the so-called promises from a man she does not know in the first place? According to him, Zee-Zee should revisit the love affair between Timaya and Empress. The story is not hidden. Doesn’t she know that Empress was in a love affair with Timaya before her?
Of course, archives don't tell lies, Timaya and Njamah have come a long way. Imagine that he could hold his “hard-earned Hip–Hop award plaque in front of the general public and fans and announce that he is dedicating it to his queen, Empress Njamah. Zee-Zee should have at least realised that Njamah had been enjoying the sweetest taboo from Timaya long before her.
Apart from that, there has been allegations that Timaya's queen is also pregnant for him, an allegation Timaya denied, saying, "Imagine that in January, they wrote that I had done a secret marriage introduction with Empress Njamah and that she was four months pregnant. That is a big lie, a mega lie. I'm serious. If she was four months pregnant, then she should be giving birth by now, but she has not."
But then, on many occasions, Timaya affirmed his relationship with Njamah: "I am in a relationship with Empress like I am in a relationship with any other person. We are not enemies; we have dates and go out for drinks. People just say what they want to say because they see both of us at places together – shows, clubs etc."'
Not only that, the Don Kpolongo singer lately had a rough taste of love turned sour when he was arrested by the police recently. The episode happened at a Church premises in Lagos. Sources say Timaya with his friends arrived the Church premises where a wedding event was going on. He was allegedly given a seat by one of the church Ushers, but he insisted he wanted a high table position, and when the usher stood his ground, he calmly sat without betraying any emotion of what he planned to do.
Present at the event was Empress Njamah who became alarmed and quickly stood up from her position and made her way to the front row area where some elders of the Church sat, expressing her fear that Timaya's presence may bring some trouble. And of course, that was what really happened. Thereafter, Timaya got up from his seat and tried to make his way to the high table, shouting and making trouble that he had come to retrieve the key to his car which his girlfriend, Njamah, took from his house. The tension was doused by the involvement of a Naval officer who was present at the event. He did that by inviting his men who rushed to the venue handcuffed Timaya and took him away.
One may ask: What really went wrong with Timaya to engage in such a show of shame? The answer is simple. He thought his girl was getting married to another man, so he decided to storm the Church to disrupt the wedding. But the much talked about wedding was between one of Empress' best friends and her long-standing boyfriend.
By this, one may quickly conclude that no Jupiter will put the Timaya/Njamah relationship asunder. Has it also occurred to Zee-Zee that she was just dancing to the tune of others? She should know by now that even if she buys him an Air Force One, one of the world's most luxurious air craft, she won't buy his heart? Certainly, that’s how others learn from their mistakes.


hauwa said...

she is a fool

Baniaz said...

@hauwa, she really is a big fool. May Allah continue to guide us ol.

aysha said...

amen wannan yarinyan wai ina tekeso ta kai kantane?sai bakin ciki ya kashe iyayenta.

Anonymous said...

salam, whoever reads this should please pray for Ummi, u see this world has a tricky way of teaching us some sense. The Almighty Created you as beautiful as beauty can be, but what happens? If care is not taken with serious prayers from parents and guardians alike, the beauty becomes that of the snake, without a scrach, but deadly poisonous. Ummi, your beauty will if you do not repent, take you to hell fire, believe it or not. Dating drunks, womanizers and unbelievers and being proud of it to the extent of buying them gifts of millions of Naira for what? You like their taste abi? go on doing it, believe me by the time you don old, and you must be old for sure! More beautiful and scintilating damsels would be born, I'll love to see the constest, the end fo the film would show you as a sugar mammy paying b/4 you are loved, no? OK continue your open & close and taste me show, 'cause I know say he no get metre. Beautiful zee-zee, keep it up!