Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Solace For Filmmakers In Kutigi Constituency

Al-Amin Ciroma, Abuja

Some emerging film practitioners in Kutigi, Edati and Mokwa are after being made happy beneficiaries of the Hon. Sani Idris Kutigi special programme on constituency empowerment. The programme, according to him, is the first of its kind, he said his zeal is to empower his constituents as well as give hope to the under privileged. The package, Constituency Capacity Development Programme (CCDP), is aimed at empowering teeming youths in the society.

While answering questions to newsmen, Hon. Kutigi said after a careful observation, he found out that the best that can be done to a society with promising youths is to impact in them wealth of experience in their related fields of knowledge.
“I am optimistic that this programme will go along way in creating job opportunities and professionalism in the society. Having seen the trends in the world as far as digital inclination is concerned, I want my constituency to be the first to lead others in all fields of proficiency and I am happy to announce that this programme is the first of its kind,” he said.

CCDP, according to the originator, is going to be a continuous exercise and that in the first category, it started with filmmakers and subsequently other practitioners in various fields.

Also speaking, the programme coordinator, Muhammad Dahiru explained that the filmmakers, who were randomly selected with the Hon. Kutigi constituency, are Sadisu Muhammad, a.k.a ‘Teacher Yekundunu,’ Prince Chado Ahmed and Mohammed Ndaku Kutigi. They have successfully gained admission to study film related matters and digital animation at the International Animation and Media Academy (IAM) Malaysia, which is one of the world’s leading animation firms meticulously designed and critiqued by industry experts (such as producers, directors and visual effects artists) from Hollywood, Asia and Europe.

The three months sponsored programme, according to Mohammed will give them a good balance to lay their hands in the most recent software and equipment in the visual effects and animation. “Hon. Sani Kutigi has opened a window to the lives of the underpriviledge in the society, this is also a chance for the beneficiaries to also acquire City and Guild certificates, which is the best recognition a professional will yearn for world wide,” said Dahiru.

The beneficiaries thanked the honourable member for the kind gesture and urged his colleagues to emulate this humanitarian obligation, saying that this will go along way in regenerating the society and will also help in restructuring the youths, who are the future leaders.

Hon. Sani, who is the son of the former Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN), Justice Idris Kutigi, won National Assembly election on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) with a total of 125,924 votes, which made him the member of the National Assembly that won with such a high number.