Thursday, October 15, 2009

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Readers' Reactions and Comments on Zee-Zee

(published October 11)

Re: Ummi Zee-Zee: My Secret Affair With Timaya
I really find it difficult to describe how senile this young upcoming artress in Hausa film has gone by her recent interview in your column of Leadership Weekend of October 3, 2009.
I was one of her admirers in the Kannywood world before the Maryam Hiyana debacle, which threw the industry into disarray and made it possible for Zee Zee to now go into music.
Reading her interview made me ponder on a lot of things, especially given the fact that she comes from a Muslim family. What aroused my curiosity to even waste my precious time to write this piece is the way she proudly announced to the world that Timaya and Mighty Duncan are her boyfriends–Waiyazubillah. How could a Muslim girl take pride in saying that her boyfriends are people who are not of the same religion like her? How sure is she that any one of them would become a Muslim to marry her?
What Zee Zee wanted to tell the people is that her parents if they are alive have no control over her. This is because if her parents have control over her, she wouldn’t dare say it out that Timaya and Mighty Duncan were her boyfriends. She needs to be reminded that whatever she gets in this world, she must surely leave behind.
She also needs to be reminded that as a Muslim, it is not even proper for her to become a Musician. Not to mention her utterances that she bought ten expensive cars with her money which I believe is a lie. If indeed she’s a Musician, where is the album she released that fetched her that staggering amount?

Usman Santuraki,
No. 74, Tafida Street, Jimeta - Yola, Adamawa State

Who hired you to blackmail Timaya?
Please tell us how much Zee-Zee gave you to blackmail Timaya? If it is true, why is she involving the two other aritstes? Anyway, tell her that this is not something to be proud of as a good Muslim.

Maryam Sanusi,
48, Maiduguri Road, Sokoto,

I am disappointed
Al-Amin, you have disappointed me by featuring this rif-raf called Zee-Zee. She is a disgrace to the Muslim faithful. She should go back and seek her parent's forgiveness.

Asabe Gamawa, Kano, 08037037782

Zee-Zee, I Am Disppointed
I am one of those who admire certain folks in the industry and Zee-Zee happened to be one of them, but with the current situation, I can say that I am really dispointed in her. How dare she be proud of telling the entire world that she is in love with Timaya? I think Ummi does not have respect for her parents. Timaya is just using her as a rhesus monkey.

Malam Haruna, 8/10 Sokot State
0802 360 7222

What Is Wrong In Being Friends With Timaya?
Why are our Muslim brothers so hypocritical? Whatever is wrong with a Muslim making friends with people that are non-Muslims, is what I still find amazing. Most of us Muslims have satellite dishes and do tune to musicals and many are fans of Akon, the american pop star. What Zee-Zee is doing is in many folds, better than being a Nigerian politician for instance.

Ibrahim Maiduguri
0802 691 1397

Re: Asabe Gamawa’s Comment
Asabe, you have spoken my mind in your comment about Zee-Zee in LEADERSHIP Newspaper. I think we should engage her in our prayers. She definitely needs deliverance.
Hamza Jos

Zee-Zee? Who Cares!
I don’t know why people pay attention to this Ummi Zee-Zee and Timaya saga. Ummi should be allowed to date any man of her choice. The world is wide enough for everyone, but Ummi needs to know that she is a woman and the life span of a woman is not long enough for her to roam about.

Umar Faruk,
0803 072 7081

Zee-Zee Is A Disgrace To Us
I want to commend your efforts, please permit me to tell Zee-Zee that she is nothing but a disgrace to the entire good Muslim women. So what if Timaya is your boyfriend? You should know better that there are certain games that one does not play because they are expensive and risky.
May God guide people like you.
Anisa, Kano
0803 788 2127

Please you guys should forget about this brat called Zee-Zee, who cares if she dates the whole artistes in the industry?
Lawal Mai-Anguwa, Mando, Kaduna
0803 694 6230

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