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Acting Is A Very Hectic Game - Safiya

The beautiful Safiya Musa is known more for her flair and talent in the industry having been remarkably the best actress in the Hausa film genre due to her unique characterisation in movies. Over the years, she remained silent for reasons best known to her. The back-slide by the Adamawa state-born actress generated a lot of controversies. While some people accused her of insanity, others were of the opinion that the screen diva left the shores of Kannywood because she had been over-used by producers and directors and that she had nothing to offer anymore.
In this chat with Al-Amin Ciroma, the actress discussed her life and why she opted to return to acting. Excerpts:

For a long time nobody could tell your whereabouts. What has been happening to you?
You see, its all about reason and way of life. I decided to withdraw from the industry because I sensed there were lots of mediocrities in the industry and there was no single person who was ready to make some reforms and that made me conclude that I would not be a party to any industry that will lead one nowhere. So I quit! And now, I have a feeling that things are gradually falling in place so I came back. That’s all.

What have you been doing since quiting or is it stepping aside for a while?
(Laughter) It was not quitting anyway. I just kind of shelved myself from producers and took a long time to ponder on issues bothering my life. And don’t forget, I am also a business woman. So, I gave my business total concentration. So I was very busy with my international trades. I traveled a lot, had fun and made my business grow.

So many things were said about you. First of all, it was alleged that you contracted a secret marriage with a top-shot politician, also there were some chitchats that you even had a child for him and that was what necessitates your leaving Kaduna for another place. Can you clarify these issues?
You know everybody is entitled to his/her opinion. You can’t stop them from talking what they want but the truth is, I have never absconded from Kaduna. I’ve lived all my life in Kano and I am still there. All these rumours are not true, but whenever you try to be on the defensive, it will be that you are trying to give the gossips weight. So that is why I don’t want to go into details.

What was life like when you stepped aside from acting?
It was normal for me. Remember I told you that besides acting, I am also a business woman. So I kept myself busy and I enjoyed my stay outside the industry because it gave me much time to think about myself and my future. I have never changed from being the Safiya Musa everybody knows. It was really fun... (Laughter) You know acting is a very hectic game, you hardly have time for yourself so I really, really enjoyed myself.

Can you share with us some memorable things that kept your morale high and some challenges you faced outside the industry?
I won’t forget the day when someone called me from the United States to inform me that I had won an award from an oranization. The award was presented to me here in Nigeria. I was really happy because it came from a woman who established a cinema galleria in the states under my name: ‘Yar Musa’. I felt happy.
I also faced challenges in life when I lost my dear Mom. She was the pillar to my success and career. And now that she is of blessed memory, I am on my own, so you see I am still facing that challenge.

How are you going to prepare yourself for survivor’s series in the film industry now that there are many competitors in the field?
(Laughter) I don’t see much challenges in that area because I’ ll always be myself and I don’t think of anybody. I do what I am expected to do and take instructions from my producers and directors that’s all. I don’t feel intimidated by anyone in the industry; I am still the Safiya Musa people know. There is no big deal! Remember, most of them now are my juniors in the industry so I am not going to compete with any of them.

Who is your role model in the industry?
Late Safiya Ahmed was and still is my model. I like her acting abilities and she respected me a lot. May her gentle soul rest in peace, amen.
What should your fans expect from you now that you are launching your ‘welcome-back’ to the industry?
(Laughter) There is nothing new, I am still myself. I will do as it pleases my producer/director. Therefore, I would like to appeal to my fans to keep praying for me. I love them all.
Published February 26, 2011

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